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© Igor Samolet, »be Happy!«, Published By Peperoni Books, 2013

Book Presentation / Solo Exhibition

»be happy!«

Igor Samolet

Book Presentation & Opening: Saturday, November 28, 2015, 19h
IGOR SAMOLET will be present.
Exhibition: November 29 – December 31, 2015
Opening hours
Wed, Fri & Sat, 14-19h


Igor Samolet’s book ›be happy!‹ leads directly into the wild hustle and bustle of a group of young people in Russia. Nightly booze-cruises and parties in deserted demolition houses with unbridled alcohol and drug use, with sex, violence and pornography. The storm of youth rages within the clique going full blast.

Igor’s unleashed lens is part of the action and there when the youngsters love, drink, fight and bandy and when surreal scenes unfold in the light of blazing fire under the night sky in all their complexity. It´s just a wild night.

But Igor stays close to his protagonists even in bright daylight and thus reveals the physical and emotional wounds and injuries. What follows the exuberant celebration is not a regulated everyday life, but a permanent hangover with too many cigarettes, too much alcohol, too much posing and aimless sex, now with kitchen, kids and caboodle between dirty clothes, torn mattresses and boiled potatoes, flickering television and computer screens and washing machines. Until the night swallows the day and the next trip again ends in a coma.

Due to the immediate directness of the photographs, the wise dramatic composition that leads us through two nights and a day, and the clever assembly of documentary and staged shots with cryptic patterns and signs the great agonizing questions shine through under the surface: the longing for truth, love, lust and ecstasy.

Or simply the question about the future.

About the artist

Igor Samolet, born in 1984, Russia.
Documentary photographer. The lead character of his works is a person hopping, making mistakes. The main theme of his creation is human relations. Working on projects for a long time and in personal places, the author reaches the necessary level of truth and openness and gets the possibility to see not only the joyful part of life. Igor is interested not in outer reasons of his characters’ actions, but the nature of their intimate cravings and wishes.

About the book

© Igor Samolet, »be happy!«, published by Peperoni Books, 2013

Igor Samolet

be happy!

Publisher: Peperoni Books, 2013
23,5 x 17 cm
104 Pages
Numerous Color Images
Thread Stitched Book in Slipcaser
ISBN: 978-3-94-1825-54-3
EUR 25

Peperoni Books Trade Edition / Included in “The Photobook: A History Volume III” by Parr/Badger / Silver medal German Photobook Award 2014
Buy now from 25books

Event Details

© Igor Samolet, »be happy!«, published by Peperoni Books, 2013
25books, Brunnenstraße 152, 10115 Berlin, Germany

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