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Palm Tree I, From The Series Itoshima, 2011 © Juliane Eirich

Solo Exhibition

»Works 2013 – 2016«

Juliane Eirich

Opening: Friday, September 2, 2016, 19h (Facebook Event)
Exhibition: September 3 – 25, 2016
Opening hours: Sat & Sun 15-18h
Free admission
Wheelchair accessible: Yes


From September 2nd to 25th 2016, aff Galerie presents a solo exhibition of Juliane Eirich’s photographs taken between 2003-2016. Alongside her early work and excerpts of projects from different stages of her career, the exhibition debuts three new bodies of work, “Dale,“ “Fireworks” and “Animals Doing their Thing.”

Writing for Photograph Magazine (New York, NY), Elisabeth Biondi says, “Eirich calls herself a ‘slow’ photographer. She often works with a large-format camera and film, observing for long periods before she takes her first pictures. There is nothing arbitrary about her work. Her colors are either vivid or subtly monochromatic, and she often photographs at nighttime. Many of Eirich’s photographs seem, at first glance, detached and unemotional. However, the longer I look at them the more expressive they become. Her pictures leave space, literally and figuratively, for our personal associations, and they invite us to connect with our own memories. It is fascinating how contradictory, in so many ways, her photographs are — distant yet inviting, empty yet intense, without humans yet about humans, controlled yet open to interpretation.“

Juliane Eirich’s biography is closely connected to her work. She has travelled extensively and lived in several countries. The works shown at aff Galerie are from Los Angeles, Hawaii, South Korea, Japan, Norway, Istanbul and Berlin.

Event Details

Palm Tree I, from the series Itoshima, 2011 © Juliane Eirich
Kochhannstraße 14, 10249 Berlin, Germany