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Atelier-Galerie Im Kunstraum S.I.A.M. | GET WETTER SOON

Group Exhibition


Black Napkin, Nadja Varga, Charles Humphries,, Reglinde Rauskolb, Veronika Kranzpiller

Exhibition: July 9 – 24, 2016
Curated by Blanca Sambaké Dahms
Finissage: Sunday, July 24, 2016, 15-19h
Opening hours: Thu-Sun 15-19h
Admission free


The human fascination with water as an element is just old as mankind itself, depicting water is just as ancient an art. This exhibition of playful water photography was curated by Blanca Sambaké Dahms, co-founder of this charming, non-commercial studio gallery “Atelier-Galerie im Kunstraum S.I.A.M.” in a thriving little “art mile” in Moabit (Mitte), inviting artist friends to mutual exhibitions. The first four photographers on the list only knew each other through flickr platform, whereas the latter two are artist-photographers regularly exhibiting with us.

Participating artists:

. Black Napkin, Napoli/ IT – GIOCHI D’AQUA (WET), 2016, VINTAGE COLLECTION and 3 hand designed artist’s books: COME STANNO LE COSE?, THIS IS THE WATER and TROUBLE IN PARADISE
. Nadja Varga, Wuppertal/DE – SCHWIMMBAD APOKALYPSE, 2015, digital, color-inverted Epson poster prints
. Charles Humphries, London/GB – SOMMERSO, 2015 digital underwater photography on Kodak metallic prints
., Berlin/DE – WATER COLORS, phone photos 2012/13
. Reglinde Rauskolb, Berlin/DE – ROBBEN, 2011, digital on alu-dibond
. Veronika Kranzpiller, Berlin/DE – o.T., 2004, analogue on Kodak proofs

Event Details

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