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Tuesday / BERLIN ART WEEK Opening
The Berlin Art Week begins on Tuesday, 15th September, 2015 at 6pm as a city-wide event: It starts with the cooperation project STADT/BILD with three large exhibition openings and a happening in the public space as well as the openings of “Ich kenne kein Weekend. Archive and Collection René Block” at n.b.k. and “Redemptions Jokes” at the nGbK, and a reception at Schinkel Pavillon. Free entrance!

On Wednesday Berlin collectors open up their venues for a visit for the first time this week. On the evening prior to abc, all participating Berlin galleries will open their exhibitions in their local gallery spaces. Wednesday also marks the opening of Cindy Sherman at me Collectors Room.

Thursday / ART FAIRS
The art fairs abc art berlin contemporary and Positions Berlin open on Thursday. At abc, around 100 galleries from 17 countries will present artists from their programmes, and a curated show with works from Berlin’s private collections will be on view. This year, Positions is moving to a new venue, Berlin’s Arena, featuring 77 exhibitors from 16 countries. To mark the 20th anniversary of its founding, Landesverband Berliner Galerien (lvbg) will also present an exhibition at this venue.

Friday is all about the project spaces: The new format Xchange as well as the Award Ceremony to the 14 winners of this year’s Project Space Art Award. For the first time Berlin Art Week will cooperate with Talking Galleries – an international forum for debate and exchange. Friday evening also marks the opening of Alicia Kwade’s solo show at Haus am Waldsee.

On Saturday and Sunday, all Berlin Art Week exhibitions will be open at the times indicated, and Niche Berlin will offer tours to selected project spaces, art fairs, and institutions.

PiB's exhibition recommendations during Berlin Art Week 2015

Further recommendations: Private Collections

Außenansicht / exterior view Bunker, Foto / photo: © NOSHE Danh Vo

Außenansicht / exterior view Bunker, Foto / photo: © NOSHE Danh Vo

Sammlung Boros

Visit without Reservation:
16 SEP 2015, 2 – 6 pm
19 + 20 SEP 2015, 10 am – 6 pm
Art mediation 12 €

The Boros Collection is a private collection of contemporary art. It contains groups of works by international artists dating from 1990 to the present. Different facets of the collection have been on public display since 2008 in a converted bunker, situated in Berlin-Mitte, with 3000 sqm exhibition space spread over 80 rooms.

Bunker, Reinhardstraße 20, 10117 Berlin

Kleistners Archiv / Kleistner‘s Archive, Foto / photo: Sven Johne

Kleistners Archiv / Kleistner‘s Archive, Foto / photo: Sven Johne

Sammlung Ivo Wessel

Visit of the collection:
16 SEP 2015, 12 – 6 pm
Registration via: ed.le1660413563ssew-1660413563ovi@l1660413563iame1660413563

Ivo Wessel’s private collection includes conceptual art, photography, and video. For the first time at this year’s Berlin Art Week, the collector will open his private space to the public, densely packed with various objects and art works of all media.

Lehrter Str. 57, 2nd house, 2nd floor, 10557 Berlin

Rundgang 2013 - Elger Esser - Thomas Ruff

Rundgang 2013 – Elger Esser – Thomas Ruff

Fotografie-Sammlung Arthur de Ganay

Guided tour:
18 SEP + 19 SEP 2015, 2 pm
Registration via: moc.y1660413563anage1660413563druht1660413563ranoi1660413563tcell1660413563oc@of1660413563ni1660413563
Admission fee 5 €

The Arthur de Ganay Photography Collection, open to the public, looks at photography, focusing on landscape and architectural photography in order to not distract the beholder from what Walter Benjamin called the “cult of memory”. By presenting selected works, the show intends to give photography a status equal to the other arts. With works by Thomas Ruff, Sarah Schönfeld, Laurenz Berges, Götz Diergarten, Susanne Schuricht, Elger Esser, Cadinda Höfer, Thomas Struth, and Hiroshi Sugimoto.

Köpenicker Straße 10a, 10997 Berlin