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»B-Boys, Fly Girls & Horticulture«, Published By The Green Box, Berlin 2015 © Paul Hutchinson

Book Launch / Artist Talk / Roundtable discussion

»B-Boys, Fly Girls & Horticulture«

Paul Hutchinson

Book Launch: Friday, January 22, 2016, 19h (Facebook Event)
Berlinische Galerie > Museumscafé Dix
Free admission


In the context of the release of his first major solo publication ‘B-Boys, Fly Girls and Horticulture’, Paul Hutchinson will showcase his work. Depicting images from both Germany and India, the book unites his ongoing interest and research into urban subcultures, exoticism and floristics. Through his multifaceted and intimate gaze Paul Hutchinson articulates a personal experience of the globalized mechanism of our time, touching contemporary political and social discourses from the perspective of a youth culture.

Paul Hutchinson is winner of the recognition award of the IBB Prize for Photography 2015.

The artist talk will be followed by a conversation with Dr. Thomas Köhler, director of the Berlinische Galerie, and Anja Lutz, The Green Box publishing.

On the occasion of this book launch the publication will be available for a reduced price of 20 Euros.

Join us this Friday, 22nd of January, 7 pm at Berlinische Galerie.

B-Boys, Fly Girls & Horticulture
Paul Hutchinson

144 Pages
93 Illustrations
220 x 285 mm
Soft cover, threadbinding, with poster 630 x 850 mm
German / English
Design: Anja Lutz, Paul Hutchinson
Texts by: Dr. Thomas Köhler, Paul Hutchinson
Published by: The Green Box, Berlin, 2015
ISBN 978-3-941644-82-3
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