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© Max Gervas

Solo Exhibition

»Tourists Welcome«

Max Gervas

Exhibition: April 15 – June 1, 2016
Opening hours: Tue-Sat 12-18h
Admission free


CITPELO is pleased to present a new series of photographs by Max Gervas of contemporary Berlin. The content of the exhibition focuses on works shot between Warschauer Strasse and Mitte. The exhibition consists of black and white and color images taken on a digital camera.

Against the backdrop of a world in which people perceive the environment and architecture around them as obstacles to be avoided while checking for new incoming messages, Max Gervas’s photographs show the beautiful and extraordinary in the ordinary.

Quiet in the noise. Grunge in the polished. Solidity. Sweeping landscapes as micro-scale models.

Max’s work is influenced heavily by his extremely broad experience, having worked with nearly every kind of camera in existence over the course of his career: from small to large format film, Polaroid in small, medium, and large formats, a variety of digital formats, and much more. This background gives him the ability to blend the technical styles and archetypes of different photographic genres to achieve a specific effect.

Where other photographers shoot to the limitations of their chosen format, Max uses the format as an aesthetic tool. Where necessary, he circumvents the limitations with special techniques and equipment.

At the same time Max’s work intentionally raises questions about our relationships with and assumptions about the world around us. “The camera is a tool for curating the environment,” he says. One of the stated goals of his work is to create an awareness of that which the viewer is not aware, through the choices of unusual places, dates, times, and ambient conditions for his work.

In the case of his Berlin work, it is made in the context of the city’s reputation as a place to party, work, focus, move, be involved, and do things. Yet he illustrates the city’s other site: the calmness and solidity of the built environment amidst the hectic lives of its inhabitants.

Event Details

© Max Gervas
Waldemarstraße 41, 10977 Berlin, Germany