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© Federico Gargaglione, From The Series Askesis

Solo Exhibition


Federico Gargaglione

Opening: Friday, March 10, 2017, 18-23h (Facebook Event)
Sounds provided by Nors [A Sacred Geometry]
Exhibition: March 11 – March 24, 2017
Opening hours: by appointment
Admission free


In “AskesisFederico Gargaglione presents a wall based installation of black-and-white prints. The images unfold around an ongoing unease with sensual and sexual experiences, and the confusion they leave behind when they fade into memory   (…)   While the artist transposes the idea of the reproducibility of the image onto the vocabulary of libidinous longings and unstable human states, the work evolves into a deep analysis of what it means to want, get, detest and not regret. In this scenario hope becomes a destructive energy and contempt the only emotionally reasonable exit strategy. Gargaglione attempts to eradicate the memory, to go beyond the image that initially had been formed in the mind of the artist to put into question the original sin of sensitivity.

(extract from exhibition text by Shahin Zarinbal)

Event Details

© Federico Gargaglione, from the series Askesis
Ackerstraße 168, 10115 Berlin, Germany

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