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“COPYRIGHT Blue Notes”, Original: Rémy Markowitsch, “Mary Had A Little Lamb”, Aus Der Serie “Voltaire & Co.”, 1994, Courtesy Galerie Eigen + Art, Berlin

Group Exhibition

»Blue Notes«
Cyanotype Archive on Paper

Ute Lindner & Patrick Huber

Opening: Thursday, January 26, 2017, 19h
Exhibition: January 27 – February 25, 2017
Opening hours: Thu-Sat 14:30-18:30h, and by appointment
Admission free


Blue Notes are intermediate tones, which cannot be inserted into our tone system and which characterize the Blues. In this exhibition we present blue translations of works of art by different artists. 1:1-copies of the original works are transformed into cyanotypes – that old photographic technique, in which the sun produces blue pigment. They are autonomous works of art but at the same time the memory of the original is still alive. A blue archive is gently growing – blue memories of the original.

The cyanotypes by Ute Lindner & Patrick Huber are based on original artworks by Norbert Artner, Armin Bremicker, Pierre Granoux, Rémy Markowitsch, Maya Schweizer, et al.

Event Details

“COPYRIGHT Blue Notes”, Original: Rémy Markowitsch, “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, aus der Serie “Voltaire & Co.”, 1994, Courtesy Galerie Eigen + Art, Berlin
Schwedenstraße 16, 13357 Berlin, Germany