Deadline: June 2nd, 2015

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Submit up to 4 photographic artworks for »Guest-Room: Kim Knoppers«. Deadline for entries is June 2nd, 2015.

About »Guest-Room«

»Guest-Room« by DER GREIF is a monthly online exhibition with open submissions – curated in real-time by outstanding personalities from the international photography scene.

»Guest-Room« was presented for the first time during Paris Photo 2014 at the booth of Robert Morat (Gallerist, Robert Morat | Galerie), together with Ingo Taubhorn (Curator, Deichtorhallen Hamburg). Photographers can take part and submit their photographic artworks through the website of DER GREIF.

In »Guest-Room«, outstanding personalities in the field of international photography curate and select favorite submissions online. Each selection is published in real-time on the »Guest-Room« page – a new category on the website of DER GREIF. Around 30 images per Guest will be shown – single images or image-combinations. Statements of each Guest will round it up, furthermore, print publications are planned.

Over the years DER GREIF has developed a very distinctive handling with submissions from photographers from all over the world. »Guest-Room« will go a step further by integrating important figures in the field of international photography.

Ingo Taubhorn (Curator, Deichtorhallen Hamburg) is the first guest to open »Guest-Room« on January 12th 2015, followed by Katrin Weber (Galerie f5,6, Munich). Among others Elisa Medde (Editor Foam Magazine, Amsterdam) & Kim Knoppers (Curator Foam Museum, Amsterdam), Timothy Persons (Gallery Taik Persons, Berlin, Helsinki), Christoph Tannert (Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin), Bruno Ceschel (SPBH, London), Robert Morat (Robert Morat | Galerie, Hamburg, Berlin) join the project. The announcement of the exact dates will follow soon.

Images are presented as image-streams in a blog, but website visitors can also switch between other viewing options. As usual, photographs are labelled with title, name of photographer and date of publication.

About this month’s curator: Kim Knoppers

Kim Knoppers (b. 1976, the Netherlands) has been curator at Foam since 2011. She studied art history at the University of Amsterdam and was previously curator at De Beyerd, Center of Contemporary Art. She has curated solo exhibitions with emerging artists like Raphaël Dallaporta, WassinkLundgren, Onorato & Krebs, Jan Hoek, Lorenzo Vitturi, Jan Rosseel, Anika Schwarzlose and established artists as JH Engström, Geert Goiris, Lee Friedlander, Bertien van Manen and Broomberg & Chanarin a.o. She has curated group exhibitions including Remind (2003), Exotics (2008) Snow is White (2010 and Re-Search (2012).

Last year she initiated the project Collaborate! for Felix &Foam in which five artist collectives took over a space for one month each. The working process was as important as the end result. Kim is interested in a wide range of photography: from documentary photography to artists working with documentary strategies, from archival material to photography as a research tool. She lives and works in Amsterdam.

Foam is for photographers, picture editors, designers and all those who have a passion for photography. Foam focusses especially on exhibitions, publications, discussions and specific projects relevant to contemporary themes in this field. Well known photographers and historical work have an important place in Foam’s agenda. But special attention in the programme is given to nurturing upcoming talented artists.


DER GREIF (rhymes with »Life«) is an award-winning project for contemporary photography and literature with focus on photography.

Recently awarded »Photography Magazine of the Year 2014«, DER GREIF is a print-publication, online-publication, curatorial team and joint project for and with photographers and authors from all over the world.

The artistic core and root of the project is the printed and ad-free magazine. It combines and presents the works of photographers and authors of different origins in a holistic piece of art.

The website is exhibition-, communication-, and information-platform for participants and anyone interested in photography and literature. Participating artists are presented in special artist-features where they are given the opportunity to blog. In »Guest-Room«, outstanding personalities in the field of international photography curate and select their favorite submissions online.

DER GREIF combines digital and analog content in unique ways and is constantly exploring and pushing the boundaries of publishing in the digital era. Since its beginning in 2008, the project is dealing with contemporary topics such as perception of authorship and artistic approaches to photographic archives.