Aaron Siskind, Chicago 8, 1948, Fotografie, 34,90 X 47 Cm, Mark Ranney Memorial Fund, Aaron Siskind Foundation © Courtesy Bruce Silverstein Gallery


»Optical Adventures« —
1950s Subjective Photography in an International Context

Lecture by Dr. Christiane Stahl

Lecture: Thursday, February 25, 2016, 19h (Facebook Event)
The lecture will be held in German language.
Binding reservation via moc.b1653351904d@ell1653351904ahtsn1653351904uk.bd1653351904 or +49 30 / 20 20 93 11


Subjective Photography began in the late 1940s with the German group ‘fotoform’ and Otto Steinert and gained international importance in the decade to follow under his aegis. The detachment of photography from the purely indexical due to the emphasis on creative design opened up the medium to new visual languages. In addition, the encounter of Abstract Expressionism respectively European Informel paintings with photography illustrate the similar intellectual attitude expressed in the different media.

Dr. Christiane Stahl is the director of the Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation Berlin.

Further infos on the website of Deutsche Bank KunstHalle.

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