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Artificial Image, Berlin

Herzbergstraße 40 – 43
10365 Berlin [Lichtenberg]

T +49 30 25 79 99 15

Artificial Image, Berlin


Artificial Image is considered to be one of the most renowned addresses for the production of high-end scans and archival inkjet “fine art” prints. The reason is simple: the workshop’s founder Michael Maria Müller, who is an analog laboratory technician and classically trained photographer, has been experimenting with digital media since 1989. Thanks to his extensive experience he has earned the respect of numerous international artists as a consultant, discussion partner and operator, and is charged with the complete production of their work, from scans or RAW files and image editing right through to the printing of publications and entire exhibitions.

Ever the passionate photographer, Müller considers that good images can be created even with the cheapest cameras. He considers it the responsibility of the laboratory technician to recognise the specifications of the image creator and to be able to realise these specifications to the best of their ability. But this is only possible with the best possible equipment. Therefore two ScanMate 5000 drum scanners, two Creo Eversmart (Supreme and Select) DIN A3 flatbed scanners, as well as an Imacon Flextight 848 virtual drum scanner are available at Artificial Image for digitising analogue film materials. These machines are some of the best of their kind ever built and guarantee the lossless capture of any master: prints, slides, negatives of all formats, and antique glass plates.

Image files can be edited and evaluated on six hardware-calibrated monitors (up to 30 inches), which guarantees precise control over the entire workflow – right through to the actual execution of the images on a huge range of exceptional papers.

Müller, who began his digital career with printers from IRIS Graphics, today primarily uses piezo technology, which is unsurpassed in terms of precision. The Epson Stylus Pro with Ultrachrome K3 inks is generally considered to be the standard for digital fine art prints. Artificial Image owns two of these machines with a maximum output width of 162cm.

One of Artificial Image’s specialities is the printing of black and white photographs. As one of only a few workshops in Europe, Artificial Image offers Piezography prints with seven grey inks (K7), as well as two Epson Stylus Pros (with a maximum output width of 112cm) with neutral and carbon inks. We needn’t discuss the exceptional quality of Piezography prints any further, as you can find numerous statements on the topic on the internet.

Finally, Artificial Image provides a Roland HiFi-Jet 600 (with a maximum output width of 152cm) with extremely light-resistant dye-based inks, which, when printed on classic (uncoated) handmade papers, achieves an unparalleled effect that is reminiscent of earlier IRIS Giclée prints. The colours and tonal values of the prints can be assessed visually at multiple colour examination stations.

The pricing is very flexible and is oriented to customers’ requirements.
Other: In keeping with the motto “… By The Artist”, artists with limited budgets (but with time to do things themselves) can hire the calibrated workspaces for scanning, image processing and printing at a reasonable price. Introduction included. Additionally, workshops are offered for those who wish to delve deeper into the matter.

Events by/at Artificial Image

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