Claire Laude, born 09.28.1975 in Orleans, France.
She lives and works in Berlin since 1998 as an architect and photographer.

In 2001 and 2006 she studied photography under Jörn Vanhöfen in the school «Fotografie am Schiffbauerdamm» in Berlin. During three years, she was in the masterclass of Arno Fischer at the school «Ostkreuzschule fur Fotografie» in Berlin. 2010 her book “Berliner Jahrhundertläden”, was published by the editions “Lehmstedt Verlag”, Leipzig, with texts by Sabine Zimmer. Since 2010, she is a co-founder and member of the collective and exhibition space «exp12» in Berlin. In 2013 she studied to be a curator in the University of Arts in Berlin.

Her work has been exhibited in France, Germany and other international countries.
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When water comes together with other water


The title has its origin from a poem by Raymond Carver (“Where water comes together with other water”). A word has been changed to add the concept of time, and of timelessness. Raymond Carver ‘s writing is concise and accurate. In a few words he captures the fragility of a seemingly trivial situation and the characters involved. Silence also plays an important role in his dialogues.

The series «When water comes together with other water» combines photographs of landscapes, bodies and installations of different materials such as plants remains or things that I find in inhabited or ruined places, where some traces of a life, that has been lived there are still visible.

Through the three elements of humanity, place and timelessness combined with blurred colours and minimalistic composition I want to indicate the vulnerability of the relationship between body and nature. I see nature as a superposition of layers, which interact, can destroy and renew on each other.

My work questions the presence and the absence of eternal and fading traces, and the relation between the things that last and those which get lost. I see photography as a possible threshold between various realities, the existence, the dream and poetry.
Literature in this sense is for me a constant source of inspiration and reference.

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