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DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum
Friedrichstraße 84 / Ecke Unter den Linden
10117 Berlin
[Mitte | Mitte]

Opening hours:
Daily 10 am – 8 pm

Admission free

W www.drive-volkswagen-group.com

DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum
DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

DRIVE, the Volkswagen Group Forum, is the company’s communications platform in Berlin. Located in the heart of the capital city, the Volkswagen Group’s first presentation of all twelve brands together with Volkswagen Financial Services AG opened in 2015 in the Lindencorso building. Featuring a series of changing brand and thematic exhibitions supplemented by a diverse supporting program, DRIVE serves as a showcase for the company’s mobility themes. The legendary Café Bauer, one of the first Viennese-style coffee houses in Berlin, once stood on this site. During the Second World War the building was completely destroyed and later replaced by the new Lindencorso building, which served as a restaurant and office complex.

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