Fotoatelier Sabine Alex / Mobile Dunkelkammer

Kaskelstraße 55

10317 Berlin-Rummelsburg (Lichtenberg)

My name is Sabine Alex. I photograph analogue since 2006 and could specialize my passion for black and white photography in my art education study. I enjoy creative act out myself in my darkroom and share this attraction for photography with my students too. On the Photography Festival F/STOP in Leipzig 2010, I created the idea of a mobile darkroom and worked alongside my studies further at this idea. In early 2012 I started my own business with this project. Meanwhile, I’m working for festivals, schools, universities, museums, associations, socio-cultural facilities and many more throughout Germany. Since 2014 I have a studio with a darkroom in artist community Blo-Ateliers in Berlin-Lichtenberg. I live and work in Berlin.

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