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Alte Schönhauser Straße 32B
10119 Berlin (Mitte)
Tel +49 33631 6459 – 20

Opening hours
Mon-Sat 12-20h



FOTOIMPEX is serving photographers since 1992.

Founded in 1992 primarily for importing eastern european photomaterials into Germany we are one of the largest retailers of analogue materials in the world today. After the wall came down the eastern european economy collapsed to a great extend swiping away the old distribution channels which were not primarily organized in order to do business in the best interest of the manufacturers represented. Rather these organizations were instructed by political leaders to maximize exports against hard currencies like the Deutschmark. Sometimes the business relation could even be to export b&w films to Africa in order to be able to get silver in return to make silver-nitrate out of it.Naturally these types of business were not carried on after the reunification of Germany with the old export companies exiting the market leaving the manufacturers without distribution.Fotoimpex saw the opportunity and began promoting brands like Foma or Fotokemika in western Europe as the first company to do so ever.The range was quickly extended and Fotoimpex started importing various photographic products from the United States, England an other countries.With the downturn of the analogue photographic market after 2000 Fotoimpex realised that in order to keep providing a full assortement they had to move into production to some extend sooner or later. Having built the brand ADOX since 2001 Fotoimpex decided to start these operations in 2006 with the acquisition of machines from the liquidational stocks of Agfa, Forte and other manufacturers who provided materials to Fotoimpex before they went into receivership.
Fotoimpex span out this part of the business to a new company called ADOX Fotowerke GmbH in 2009.

Today Fotoimpex is one of the leading providers of analogue photographic materials in Europe selling worldwide from its mailorder premises in Bad Saarow with a full stock of more than 4000 articles. Orders placed until 12 AM will most likely be shipped the same day.

If you happen to be in Berlin stop by our downtown store close to Hackescher Markt in the Alte Schönhauser Str. 32B.

We are no anonymous internet business. You can call us anytime. Fotoimpex is interested in long term relationships to its customers. If there are any problems we will take care of the matter.


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