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gOdigital – Fenzl & Kirschnick GbR | Lab for Finest Digital Printproductions

Muskauer Straße 24
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

T +49 30 610 764 47


gOdigital – Fenzl & Kirschnick GbR Lab for Finest Digital Printproductions produces high quality archival pigment prints up to 162 cm and highend drumscans. It serves for artists and galleries all around the world.

gOdigital is located on the 1st floor of Muskauerstrasse 24, Berlin Kreuzberg, directly above the legendary gOlab – Lab for analogue c-type prints.

Our digital lab offers a full production service and is equipped for the highest-quality demands.
gOdigital uses scanmate drumscanners to produce high-end drumscans from 35mm up to 8×10 ” negatives with a max. of 11.000 dpi / 16 bit.
Digital imaging and digital enhancements are done by our specially trained digital operators

Consulting & conceptual services for your archival pigment print productions with the newest Epson printing technology up to 64” is done by Christine Fenzl (artist / photographer) and Susanna Kirschnick (gOlab, Berlin // Glasgow School of Art & Columbia College, Chicago).

We offer inhouse produced paper profiles as well as services to calibrate your monitors to fit our digital system.

gOdigital prides itself on a close working relationship giving one to one consultations and a comfortable working environment to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your projects.

Please always call prior a visit for an appointment, no walk-ins!
We look forward to meet you at gOdigital & work on your projects.

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