hannah goldstein has been working as an artist for the past 15 years with her main medium being photography. She is drawn to work with archives and concepts of memory, and thus the questioning of authorship. She moves freely in the realms of self-documentary, narrative portraits and staged photography with political headings. goldstein has a B.A in photography and human rights from Bard College, NY. She spent one year in residency at the Royal Collage of Art in Stockholm, as well as doing a one year Master class with Arno Fischer at the Ostkreuz Schule für Fotografie, Berlin. She has exhibited in Sweden, Germany, Australia among other countries. In 2013 goldstein self published her book family business. She is part of the feminist art collective Die bösen Mösen with Thérèse Kristiansson. goldstein also is the co-founder of Kaetha, a curatorial collaboration with Katja Haustein.

hannah goldstein lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


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Selected work

Why do the nights not have names?


Varför har nätterna inga namn?
(Why do the nights not have names?)

Almost everything has a name, at least something that plays such a big role in the every day as the every-night. But the nights, they have no names.

The nights are meant to pass us by in sleep, but what do the sleepless do? What about those that dream so much that they wake as if they didn’t sleep at all? Or the daydreamers, that pass the time occupied deep thought, questioning what “it all means”.

Questioning the lack of a name for the night is the same as to question why we are here? To search for an answer, to a question, that is unanswerable. We have the desire to ask these questions, to go on this search. Even though we know there is no answer. However along that search I made these pictures.

The poet Göran Palm wrote a book on the topic. The book is small and it fits in my bag next to my point-and-shoot camera. It consists of short poems, randomly printed on the page with two or three sections flowing together and some sentences standing-alone. He attempts to answer the unanswerable. These pictures are just that. An attempt to find an answer that lets itself not be found.

hannah goldstein
Berlin 2015

Good-bye Sweden

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