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Lichtenberg Studios
Uwe Jonas

In cooperation with Kunst- and Kulturamt Lichtenberg von Berlin and Intervention Berlin e.V. i.G.

Türrschmidstr. 24
10317 Berlin
Rummelsburg (Lichtenberg)
Tel +49 30 688 099 53


Since 2006, Lichtenberg Studios has been the home of an international artist-in residence programme, located in the top floor of a Wilhelminian-period apartment building in the ‘Victoriastadt’ quarter, not far from the historical Tuchollaplatz square, in the Berlin district of Lichtenberg. Between 2006 and 2007, the Arts Council England – North East organised residence periods for artists here in conjunction with Lichtenberg’s Arts and Cultural Office. Zuzana Lola Hruskova, Claire Davis, Cathryn Jiggens, Gregory Maas and Kim Kim were among the artists who worked here. The multi-media artist Francis Gomila used the residence up to 2010 for a wide range of projects, not just in Lichtenberg.

From 2011, Lichtenberg Studios will take over this facility and offer artists from all over the world the opportunity to live and work in an interesting district in former East Berlin and to obtain their own impressions of Berlin and the city’s art scenes. The residence period of a maximum of two months will provide enough time to do all of these things. The project is aimed at artists, writers, architects and others who are interested in urban space.

The guiding principle is the idea of intervening in the district using low-threshold projects: starting with the tourist-like behaviour of the resident artists, who will explore the district as researchers or simply as curious strollers, and extending right through to concrete projects in public space in Lichtenberg.

With ‘projects’, we are referring to small-scale, mostly unobtrusive interventions that will generally take place without being announced in advance and will appear natural and spontaneous. This strategy is based on an approach that was already being debated back in the 1970s: i.e. that art is an integral part of life, and it should not be something distant and mythical that is elevated up onto pedestals. Lichtenberg Studios intends to help focus the attention of the artists-in-residence on the district of Lichtenberg itself, its history, architecture, and its inhabitants and their lives.

This idea has been conceived at a fundamental level and on a long-term basis, and will be accompanied and supported by an annual exhibition of the project results in the Galerie im Ratskeller in Lichtenberg and by the production of a small, free information brochure for interested members of the public, which will document the artists’ residence periods over the year along with the projects realised.

Further details can be found on the website.

Events at Lichtenberg Studios