pavlov’s dog

Bergstr. 19
10115 Berlin
Mitte (Mitte)
Tel +49 30 531 629 78

Opening hours
Thu-Sat 4-8 pm, and by appointment


The distinctive name pavlov’s dog brings to mind certain behavioural patterns and reactions that can be (in this case) triggered by photography. The founders of pavlov’s dog approach these knee-jerk reactions by engaging in a conscious dialogue about photography. The idea was not to be a traditional gallery but rather to create a lively space that defies the conventional focus on photography as an art form and rather comment on all aspects of photography: from different techniques to possible applications of the medium or trends. The focus hereby lies on the with contemporary photography.
Thus, in their understanding of contemporary art it is not necessarily about showing only young and emerging artists but it is the relevant contemporary message that is of importance. pavlov’s dog therefore wants to offer a space with room to experiment and where young photography is ranked equally to more established positions of international artists. Additional to solo- and group-exhibitions it is important to the gallerists to establish special thematic foci. Furthermore pavlov’s dog offers a platform for photographic professionals, authors, students and collectors by organising artists talks, film screenings, portfolio reviews and workshops as an integral part of their program.
Text: Elke Tesch

Represented artists:

Matthieu Bourel, Bastian Gehbauer, Alexander Gehring, Kirill Golovchenko, Edward B. Gordon, Andreas Rost

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