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Face Cartography © Daniel Boschung

Group Exhibition / Festival

»Human Factor – Endless Prototyping«

The fifth exhibition by Ars Electronica, hosted by the DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

Exhibiting artists:
Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT) | bioMASON, Inc. (US) | Daniel Boschung (CH) |Michael Burton (UK) und Michiko Nitta (JP) | uh513: María Castellanos (ES) und Alberto Valverde (ES) | Florina Costamoling (AT) | Teresa Dillon (IE), Naomi Griffin-Murtagh (IE), Claire Dempsey (IE) und Aisling McCrudden (IE) | Nick Ervinck (BE) | Golan Levin und Shawn Sims (US) | Istituto Europeo di Design – IED (IT): Cesare Griffa, Mohamed Awaty, Victória Calil Barriatto, Anirudh Datta, Giulia Del Din, Samuel Fiolis und Riccardo Rigo | Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology und Inland Fisheries (IGB) (DE) | Certain Measures, LLC: Tobias Nolte (DE), Andrew Witt (US), Michael Degen (US), Jason Tucker (US) und Simon Epstein (UK) | Julian Melchiorri (IT/UK) | Gavin Munro (UK) | Agnes Meyer-Brandis (DE) | Jennifer Lyn Morone (US) | Afroditi Psarra (GR) and Dafni Papadopoulou (GR) | Quayola (IT) | Karl Julian Schmidinger (AT) und Joschi Viteka (AT) | BCL: Georg Tremmel (AT/JP) und Shiho Fukuhara (JP) | Jacob Tonski (US) | Patrick Tresset (FR/ UK) | Unknown Fields Division (UK/AU) | YQP: Maximilian Hoch (DE), Manuel Urbanke (AT) und Florian Dohmann (DE)

Opening: June 30, 2016, 18:30h
Exhibition: July 1 – August 27, 2016 (Facebook Event)
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10-20h
Admission free


HUMAN FACTOR – Endless Prototyping” presents twenty international artists and many new innovative links and collaborations between art and industry. The exhibition covers the main issues and challenges of the digital age and reflects the “human factor” in its increasingly technological environment. Hosted by the DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum. The exhibition is curated by the world’s most important media art festival Ars Electronica in Linz.

The project “Face Cartography” by Daniel Boschung tries to find out how people perceive machine-made pictures. Today, robots and algorithms do always as more human work. Often it is no longer possible to distinguish whether information comes from a machine or from a human. Also in photography the change from analog film to digital broadcasting was the beginning of a new era. With the help of an industrial robot arm faces are cartographed. The composite of 600 macro images has an ultra high resolution of 900 megapixels. The images have an irritating effect on the viewer, as they open up a new and unfamiliar perspective. You do not see in the faces if they were machine-made or actually photographed. Reality and virtuality mix and dissolve between the instinct and the mind of the viewer a conflict of perception. New borders of intimacy can be crossed by exploring the faces in their detail . You can see things you never realized in living humans. The process of photographing takes about 20 minutes. But the final image feigns a snapshot of a 1/100 second. People get, so to say, a new machine-assembled identity.

For further infos about the exhibition & supporting programme (expert talks, panel discussions, performances and children’s workshops) please visit the website and Facebook page.

Event Details

Face Cartography © Daniel Boschung
Friedrichstraße 84, 10117 Berlin, Germany

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