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Workshop »Picture Editing for Print, Web and Mobile«

with Kevin Mertens

Workshop: May 29 – June 2, 2017
Duration: 5 days, from 10-16h
Language: German/English
Max. Participants: 10
Fee: 390 €


During the week-long workshop, we will introduce you to the most important principles of working as a photo editor in the digital age of journalism.

“The report needs to become more visual” states the New York Times, as its first point in its recently published 2020 strategy paper. Visual experts will play a decisive role in the future of digital journalism, as the increasing demand for visual journalism grows. But the job of a photo editor has become more complex.

Print is no longer the central medium and it is continuously losing relevance. Despite that, the trend is moving towards higher-quality print products, as the readers have increased demands in regards to content and form. But web, apps, and other mobile formats will determine the future of journalism. Through technological developments such as high-resolution touch-screen displays, ever-improving responsive web design and a new understanding of the importance of sophisticated editorial and UX design in digital products, the reading experience, e.g. on the iPad or iPhone, is more attractive than ever before. The modern photo editor should be familiar with all platforms, and should be able to move within the sphere of social media. Photo editors are experts in the area of ​​visual storytelling, and the interface between text, image, graphics and web developers.

Course Contents:

  • The Photo Editor: What qualifications does the journalistic photo editor require in the digital future? What is his role in the digital newsroom?
  • Photo-Searching: How and where to find strong journalistic photography? By which criteria should the image material be selected?
  • Visual Storytelling: How to tell stories with images?
  • Digital publishing platforms: What publication-channels and narrative formats exist? How can one develop individual imaging concepts?

The participants will be introduced to the evolving job of the photo editor in the digital age. They will learn areas and qualifications which will be needed in the future, and they will be able to further develop them if they aim to work professionally in the field. Participants who already work in editorial or communication departments will receive insight into the challenges of image research and procurement, and learn the challenges of developing individual imaging concepts for print, web and mobile devices. Throughout the week, we will work with first-class journalistic photo material in analogue and digital form. We will train intensively the sight and judging of photography through discussion, individual feedback and exchange with other participants.

The purely technical side of the work as an image editor such as image processing, handling file formats, etc., will only be treated marginally in the workshop!

About the lecturer

Kevin Mertens, *1978, is a freelance photo editor, documentary photographer and lecturer. He studied photojournalism at Ostkreuzschool for Photography and Design in Berlin and finished his studies with the thesis work HURTLAND. In 2010 he co-founded the online- and meanwhile print-magazine for young photojournalism emerge-mag.com, which was nominated for the prestigious Grimme Online Award in 2011. Before working in the field of photojournalism, he received a Bachelors Degree in International Management and worked as a product manager in a conceptual design department for nearly five years. He has been a portfolio-reviewer amongst others at the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism in Hannover. Furthermore he was a jury member of the C/O Berlin “Close Up” contest and is a guest lecturer at various photography schools.

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