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© Tilman Brembs |

Solo Exhibition

»Zeitmaschine | Analog Rave«

Tilman Brembs

Exhibition: July 13 – September 13, 2016
Opening hours: 24/7


Tilman Brembs started working at “Frontpage” as an the in-house photographer the techno magazine of the time. He was always up very close and being a photographer of the whole picture, but also directly being a part of the music scene and party culture. He was in all the techno clubs around the globe, his camera always at hand, while being a welcome guest who knew how to party. His photos are a kind of “visualized confirmation of existence“. The “I was there” effect sets in and the children or grandchildren can see what the “oldies”  were up to. Zeitmaschine is a chronicle of this time, showcasing people bringing this time to life, exhibiting the fashion, the lifestyle and the artists.

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© Tilman Brembs |
Torstr. 61, 10119 Berlin, Germany