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Grubert&Alex Ambrotypie Workshop1


Ambrotype Workshop

Fotoatelier Sabine Alex in collaboration with Isabelle Grubert

Workshop: Saturday, November 28, 2015, 9-17h
(the workshop is held in german + english)
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The ambrotype is a direct positive process and exposed on a glass plate using the collodion wet plate process . The ambrotype was developed in 1852, and represents an important milestone in the history of photography . All ambrotypes are unique. The workshop is divided into two parts . The first part includes the theoretical introduction to the process. The highlight is the collectively exposing and developing of one ambrotype . The second part is refered to interested people who like to expose their own plate, develop it in the dark and want to carry home their own plate. You can either participate in part 1 or part 1 and 2. For joining the 2nd part of the workshop it a condition to absolve part 1. The workshop is led by photographer Isabelle Grubert.

Part 1 – 9am – 11.30am:

  • Overview of the history of the ambrotype and the various types of wet collodion plates (negative, ambrotype, tintype)
  • Presentation of the required chemicals and their composition
  • Notes to the correct mixing parts and sources for the chemicals
  • Collectively exposing of one plate with an 150-year-old baseboard camera
  • Developing of the plate in the darkroom
  • The resulting ambrotypes were scaned and mailed to the participants
  • Max. 10 participants

– Break –

Part 2 – 2pm – 5pm:

  • Ability to work independently with the technique
  • Every participant must expose and develop its own plate
  • Own plates can be taken home
  • Everyone who has a baseboard camera, with inserts for large  5x7inch and 3mm glass, is welcome to bring them!
  • Max. 6 participants


Part 1: 30 € p.P. (incl. chemical)
Part 1 & 2: € 95 p.P. (incl. chemical and glass plates)

Please make your binding registration until the 24th of November to:
(Registrations will be processed in chronological order of entrance.)

More info:

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Kaskelstr. 55, 10317 Berlin, Germany

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