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© Lutz Michen


»Not only gray #2«
Intensive Workshop Studio Photography without a studio

Lutz Michen & Sabine Alex

Workshop: January 21 & 22, 2017 (Sat & Sun, 10-20h)
Language: English & German
Number of participants: 4
Fee: 180 € (including material)
Registration: moc.l1571820201iamg@1571820201remma1571820201klekn1571820201ud.el1571820201ibom1571820201
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In line with the dark seasons, this two-day intensive workshop deals with the topic of (analog) studio photography and how to make high-quality flash-light portraits – with simple and cost-effective equipment. We work from the basic technical aspects, working with a model to the complete darkroom workflow. Photography skills and work in the darkroom will be at the center of the same attention. In addition to the basic operation of the camera, no further prior knowledge is required.

DAY 1:
– Welcoming and relaxed discussion
– Check of individual knowledge and personal goals
– refreshing technical foundations of photography
– Instructions for communicating with the model
– Introduction to lightning technology & lighting
– Test with the digital camera & discuss the results
– analogue implementation of a own portrait series on B/W film
– Portfolio review in the evening in a relaxed round

DAY 2:
– B / W film developing
– Create contact sheets
– Image viewing and selection
– Developing and printing of B/W paper
– Summary

Please bring along:
– analogue camera with common flash connection possibilities (if necessary also possible to borrow)
– preferably a focal length of (equivalent KB) 50-100mm
– Selection of 10 (portrait) work in paper form for portfolio review on Saturday evening

Who/what is “Nicht nur grau”?

“Nicht nur grau”, „not only grau“ is a cooperation between photo-lecturer Sabine Alex from the Mobile Dunkelkammer and photographer Lutz Michen. Just as the greatest contrast in analogue photography is the light and the shadows, Lutz conveys how one captures the light by day and night, and Sabine creates a picture on paper like in the dark of the darkroom of light and shadow. Her lessons are not only gray, but also live through the different focus of the two – photography and the darkroom – which complement each other wonderfully. They pass on the passion for the analogous process to their participants.

Event Details

Mobile Dunkelkammer / Fotoatelier Sabine Alex
Kaskelstr. 55, 10317 Berlin, Germany

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