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© Annika Nagel, 2016, Fototreff #13 Präsentation Von Yvonne Bialek Und Jeferson Brito Andrade

Photographers & Editors Meeting

»Fototreff Berlin«

Initiated by Anna Charlotte Schmid, Tobias Laukemper & Annika Nagel

Guests: Sarah Straßmann & Katrin Streicher (aff Gallery)

14th Fototreff Meeting: Saturday, May 28, 2016, 19h
Language: English & German
Participation free


You are warmly invited to the 14th Fototreff meeting on:
Saturday, May 28, 2016, at 7pm

Prinzessinnenstrasse 16
Backyard, left entrance, 1 floor
10969 Berlin (Google Map)

Fototreff Berlin is a professional photographers and editors meeting, providing a critical discourse towards photograpy, its authorship, editing and presentation from various artistic and documentary perspectives. Bring and present your own work, ask relevant questions and discuss with others.

On the 28th of May, Sarah Straßmann and Katrin Streicher from aff Gallery will talk about their gallery program. aff Gallery is a non-profit photography gallery located in Friedrichshain, Berlin. Run by a collective of photographers from varied backgrounds, it is a platform for contemporary photography that showcases the work of emerging, upcoming and established artists.

The gallery provides a space for networking and helps to promote the projects of national and international photographers. The members of the collective showcase their own projects and work on collaborative projects. Due to the non-commercial mission of the gallery, aff Galerie is independent in the selection and curation of its shows. The exhibitions are put together by the collective’s members with the support of well-known curators.

Members of the gallery are: Anna Eckold, Constantin Köster, Franca Wohlt, Inga Alice Lauenroth, Jana Ritchie, Kahro Vrij, Kathrin Tschirner, Katrin Streicher, Marielle Viola Morawitz, Mika Gröber & Sarah Straßmann

Initiated by Anna Charlotte Schmid, Tobias Laukemper & Annika Nagel.

Event Details

Fototreff Berlin | Initiated by Charlotte Schmid, Tobias Laukemper & Annika Nagel
Prinzessinnenstraße 16, 10969 Berlin, Germany