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Publication / Release Event »*paper °2« release

Christopher Cao, Moritz Haase, Andreas Schreiner, Andreas Lisander Strauch

After a few months of researching, developing and testing we proudly present our latest product: paper°2, a photographic tarot deck released in two editions, each containing 39 non-edited photographs that were shot exclusively on iPhone.

come join us at our release event, have a drink, have a chat, have a look at the tarot and celebrate paper°2 with us!

*paper °2 (devotion edition) and (resilience edition) both cover a specific spectrum of emotions and ideas in order to provide precise answers that match the user’s personality.

while the resilience edition concentrates on matters of subtle growth, such as healing, deep friendship, intuition and the power of nature, the devotion edition deals with the expansive movement that lies behind personal drive, the accumulation of knowledge and great change.

for more information see

the *paper functions as a representation of our very intimate aesthetic heartbeat, it is a mood board to communicate our current sensibility and perception of the modern world and the thoughts triggered by it.

hpht is a photography agency based in Berlin

Release: Thu, July 12, 2018, 7 – 11 pm

10115 Berlin
[Mitte | Mitte]

Admission free

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