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© Jeffrey Silverthorne

Solo Exhibition

»New Works & Darlings«

Jeffrey Silverthorne

Opening: Friday, December 2, 2016, 19-21h (Facebook Event)
Exhibition: December 3, 2016 – January 28 extended until February 11, 2017
Also opening on Dec 2nd: Ashkan Sahihi »Beautiful Berlin Boys«
Exhibition: December 3, 2016 – January 28 extended until February 11, 2017
Opening hours: Wed-Sat 12-19h, and by appointment
Winter break: Please take note that the gallery will be closed between December 24,
2016 and January 10, 2017.
Admission free


Kehrer Galerie cordially invites you and your friends to the exhibition opening on December 2, 2016 from 7 to 9 pm.

After the museum retrospectives in Deichtorhallen in Hamburg this summer and in Musée Nicéphore Niépce (2014/2015) as well as in Fotomuseum Antwerp (2015) Kehrer Galerie shows works by the American photographer Jeffrey Silverthorne (*1946 in Honolulu, USA) for the second time.

The preceding exhibition in the gallery covered the gamut from his early works with the »Silent Fires« (1981–1984) series to his more current works like »Growing Older« (2004–2007), thus offering a brief overview of his work.

Now »New Works & Darlings« focuses on the newly shot series »Aurora as Lucretia, Monte Castello«. As in previous works, Silverthorne again combines several characteristic features of earlier series. On the one hand, drawing on the figures of Aurora and Lucretia he uses two mythological figures and points out his reference to the tradition of European painting. On the other hand, he clearly underlines the narrative and dramaturgical approach of his photography. Aurora, the goddess of dawn, is shown as the personification of Lucretia, who is believed to be the trigger of the Roman republic. The female model is the center of this series, as in many of Silverthorne’s works.

The exhibition is complemented by works from the 1980s and 1990s that are close to the artist’s heart and each give a very brief insight into the many different series of his oeuvre.

Event Details

Kehrer Galerie
Potsdamer Straße 100, Tiergarten, 10785 Berlin, Germany

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