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Group Exhibition

»[FIELD OF VIEW] Analogue photography«

Michael Ackerman, Olle Fischer, Manuela Höfer, georgia Krawiec, Thomas Nitz, Daniel Samanns, Stefanie Schneider

Artistic direction: Nicole Woischwill

Seven photographers, one topic: ‚Blickfeld / Field of View‘ is presented by the Cultural Office of Steglitz-Zehlendorf at the Boulevard Berlin in Steglitz from 6th October to 31st December 2017.

Michael Ackerman reveals moments of high intensity, finding repercussions in the deepest interior of the viewer. Olle Fischer‘s oneiric photographs draw the visitor into misty landscapes, where humans and animals naturally coexist. Manuela Höfer works with chemistry, photosensitive paper and controlled exposure to light, creating experimental pieces of art. Various chemical layers constitute a fascinating wonderland. georgia Krawiec’s work stages “eyes of god”; she engages with modern surveillance techniques and depicts practices of being observer and observed at the same time. In Thomas Nitz’s photographs, the architecture melts into structures. Shopping malls and disdainful places of consumerism become cathedrals of light. Daniel Samanns works with the collodion wet plate process. This produces an extraordinary presence of the portrayed. Stefanie Schneider bans her theme – wandering, courageous ghosts – in faded pastel colors on-out-of date Polaroid film.

The reflections on photography compiled in this exhibition start with the artist’s view. A photographer does not merely represent. He/She creates. A photographer’s visual field reveals tensions and harmonies. Sometimes the tensions intensify and become battlefields. Occasionally, it becomes hard to look at the picture.

Analogue photography, the topic of this exhibition, makes the process of focusing on one visual field visible in an extraordinary way. The tangible material aspect of analogue photography brings the creative process to the surface, in some cases, one sees the traces in the picture – or feels them. The pictures in this exhibition demonstrate what it means to look: how often can we stroll in an other’s head? How often are we so fascinated about the materiality of a picture that we want to scratch off the distinct layers? Here, it is possible. That’s all one can wish for in a photography exhibition.

Text: Tiziana Zugaro

Find further details on


Photographic Dialogues Conversations between art historian Jennifer Graubener (Office for Culture, Steglitz-Zehlendorf), artistic director Nicole Woischwill and the artists of [BLICKFELD] Analogue photography. The discussion series ‘Photographic Dialogues’ accompanies the photo exhibit.
During the months of October through to November, exhibition guided tours will take place on a Wednesday (see below for dates) accompanied by discussions with the photographers involved. During guided tours through the exhibition we will engage with the artists’ work practice. We will discuss and compare the applied analogous techniques.

Tour // Wednesday 25.10.2017 at 6 pm
The ecstasy of analogue visual worlds – the decelerated path towards a process of taking a picture: conversation and guided tour with the photographers georgia Krawiec and Olle Fischer

Tour // Wednesday, 29.11.2017 at 6 pm

The history of photography as a source of inspiration for the contemporary analogue art of photography: conversation and guided tour with the photographers Manuela Höfer, Thomas Nitz and Daniel Samanns


Sunday, 05.11.2017 // 1.00 – 5.00 pm
Experts on analogue photography will present the vast spectrum of creative expression and work practices. They reveal insights into their traditional craftsmanship and answer visitors’ questions. The multifaceted program covers Historical portrait shootings with the “Darkbox Camera”, exciting presentations, and visitors can buy analogue photographs.


by Stefanie Schneider
Thursday, 16.11.2017 // 7.00 pm

Stefanie Schneider’s extraordinary, surreal movie will be presented in Berlin for the first time – among others co-production with the well-known actor Udo Kier. For this art project, the photographer combined more than 4.000 Polaroids with super-8 scenes. The movie tells a contemporary love story; two lovers kindle in a Lonely Hearts Radio show. Equipped with eyecatching costumes, the protagonists pose in front of Schneider’s Polaroid camera in the desert of South California.

Adress for the movie night:
Schwartzsche Villa, Grunewaldstraße 55, 12165 Berlin

Tickets for the movie night at the box office / Entrance: 5 € (3 € reduced)
For more information: T +49 30 90 299 2211

Kulturamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf / Kommunale Galerien Berlin / Boulevard Berlin
Kulturamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf / Kommunale Galerien Berlin / Boulevard Berlin

Oct 6 – Dec 31, 2017
Opening Reception: Thursday, Oct 5, 6 – 8 pm
+ Framework program, see above

Schloßstraße 10, 1st floor (Entrance next to Metro Station Schloßstraße), 12163 Berlin
[Steglitz | Steglitz-Zehlendorf]

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 10 am – 8 pm, on Open Sundays 1 – 6 pm
Infos: T +49 30 90 299 2211

Admission free

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