© Richard Caldicott, Black Route, 2004

Solo Exhibition

Selected works 2004 – 2016

Richard Caldicott

Opening: Saturday, March 4, 2017, 19h
The artist will be present.
Exhibition: March 5 – April 15, 2017
Opening hours: Wed 14-18h, Sat 12-16h, and by appointment
Admission free


Richard Caldicott is an interdisciplinary artist that experiments with different materials and techniques, including drawing, photography and sculpture. This artist’s work on paper is made with ballpoint pen or inkjet printing, and bears an austere elegance through minimal drawings (with one or two lines) or buoyant and colorful forms and floating shapes; but all of them are inextricably linked through their minimal aesthetic and focus.

Repetition is one of many often used elements in Caldicott’s work – it echoes the art making of the Minimalism period. Caldicott use of camera to record collages and constructions has created a unique aesthetic niche that manages to reference iconic modernism without reverting to familiar forms. In 1986 he was awarded the Paris Studio Award of the Cité Internationale des Arts, RCA.

Since the artist’s acclaimed series featuring Tupperware in the 1990s, Richard Caldicott has continually challenged photographic codes of representation in favor of new aesthetic and symbolic intentions. Employing traditional analog photography methods, Caldicott imbues his minimalist set of components with rich, vibrant color. The result is stunningly beautiful abstract work that is both self-contained and part of a larger dialogue, with nods to iconic minimalism, Color Field paintings, and pop reappropriation.

Richard Caldicott graduated from the The Royal College of Art in 1987 and currently lives in London.

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