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© Antonia Gruber

Group Exhibition

EyeContact – The PhotoWerkBerlin Award 2015

Antonia Gruber, Alexander Klang, Josh Rose, Heiko Tiemann

Grand Opening & Award Ceremony: Monday, November 2, 2015 , 19h
November 3 – 29, 2015
Curator’s Tour & Finissage: Sunday, November 29, 2015, 12h
Opening hours
Tue-Fr 10-17h, Wed 10-19h, Sun 11-17h


The winners of the PhotoWerkBerlin Award 2015 have been announced! 4 artists were selected from 4 categories by a qualified, international Jury to participate in a curated and produced group exhibition in the Project Space of PhotoWerkBerlin, opening in November 2015.

The task

Through an open submission process, international artists were invited to submit a photograph that best realizes the challenge of portraiture:
A portrait is more than a copy of face. It’s an encounter, a challenge, an invitation, a mirror of the society, a survey of the body, a game with the personality, a dialog, a riddle, a look into the soul or contact through the eyes.

The winners

The winners in the 4 categories are:

The Natural Eye – it’s about the natural feeling of the situation, the connection between the photographer and the subject.
Winner: Alexander Klang (Berlin)

The Staged Portrait – This can be a single image or a series, it the studio or outside – what we’re looking for is a vision or story that is staged. Effects and other manipulations before or behind the camera are allowed. It’s all about the artistic vision.
Winner: Antonia Gruber (Bonn)

The Classic Black & White Portrait – Simply put, this is about a portrait without big effects that captures the the personality of the photographed subject. Studio light, reflectors and flash is allowed.
Winner: Josh Rose (Los Angeles)

Portrait & Space – often referred to as and environmental portrait, this category brings together the social and /or spacial environment and how it affects the person being photographed. The image should follow contemporary documentation standards and not be manipulated.
Winner: Heiko Tiemann (Düsseldorf)

The Jury

Gen Sadakane – Creative Director and Cofounder of EyeEm
Donata Wenders – Photographer
Thorsten von Overgaard – Writer and Photographer

The Shortlist

This is a selection of artists that also impressed the jury of the PhotoWerkBerlin Award. Alongside the 4 winners their works will be showcased in a digital presentation during the exhibition EyeContact:

Ana Cayuela | Andreas Rost | Roberto Ansorena | Brendan Gara | Patrick Citera | Guillaume d’Hubert | Sanja Hurem | Gregor Laubsch | Julia Autz | Jonas Hafner | Stefanie Minzenmay | Han Borger | Thomas Friedrich Schaefer | Jürgen Bürgin | Mairead Keating | Nura Qureshi | Raymond Jarchow | Wilfried Bordasch | Kerstin Koletzki | Oliver Vaccaro | Christoph Lingg | Sarah Pabst | Marcus Engler

An exhibition by Projektraum | PhotoWerkBerlin in collaboration with the Kommunale Galerie Berlin.

Event Details

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