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© Jens Wilhelmi, From The Series IS REAL

Solo Exhibition


Jens Wilhelmi

Opening: Friday, February 26, 2016, 18-22h (Facebook Event)
Exhibition: February 27 – April 6, 2016
Curated by Paulina Tsvetanova
Finissage & Artist Talk: Wednesday, April 6, 2016, from 18h (Artist Talk at 19h)
Opening hours: Tue-Sat 15-19h
Admission free


Hamburg-based photographer Jens Wilhelmi creates snapshots of time and place, of traces and remnants, which man has left. In his graphically-colorful pictures Jens Wilhelmi is trying to achieve through densification and abstraction a deconstruction of viewing habits, so as to provide a new level of experiencing contemplative simplicity.

The artist never engages creatively into the existing reality – neither stand nor flash are used. No subject is repositioned, nothing is added or taken away. The photographs are taken as mere observations in the flow of real time so disclosed a new, magical dimension.

Everyday life is full of surprises. Nevertheless, the everyday of us is all too often dismissed as selfevident and largely unspectacular. As a result, we no longer look carefully.

From the diversity of ideas that need to be processed every second in our retina, we can perceive only part really aware. This selection serves as a kind of self-protection, because our brains would otherwise overwhelmed. The general social consensus helps us by defining landmarks. So we will subconsciously a selection of what we should perceive as worth seeing suggests.

Do we really consider what is worth seeing? How does the world look through the eyes of a curious child? Could we be anchored at any time in full awareness and with all our senses in the present?

Through practiced mindfulness and conscious pausing we can learn to newly discover our environment every day. Offsides of traditional attractions and landmarks there is a world from which we can repeatedly deduce new pictures with our individual views.

If we free ourselves from what we think we know, and if we are willing to always discover our daily places new, then we can enjoy the aesthetics of everyday life.”, says the artist.

It is about the contemplative majesty that is hidden in the shell of the inconspicuousness, imperfection and ephemerality.

Original text (in German) by Paulina Tsvetanova, Curator, Berlin

Event Details

© Jens Wilhelmi, from the series IS REAL
Seven Star Gallery, Gormannstraße 7, 10119 Berlin, Germany