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by Diane Vincent

It’s thirty-six degrees. A dry desert sun burns the roof.
From up here the vast empty ground seems endless.
The heat and the wind touch my skin.
I open a door,
the background noise of the city fades away.
With my eyes closed I see an ocean of weightless light rays –
dancing, floating…
I trust my body.
I’m here.
(Diane Vincent)

On top things are different. On mountains, for example, or on trees. In cities you are up when you climb on roofs. Although the city is very close, there is nothing going on. No cars, no crowds, no people. Diane Vincent’s course over Berlin rooftops is a contemplative walk in Black & White with views of unadorned facades, chimneys, satellite dishes and in the sky. A carefully produced little artist book … (Hannes Wanderer, 25books)


Photography & Design: Diane Vincent
Editing: Paul Gaffney and Diane Vincent
Bookbinding: Nico Baumgarten and Diane Vincent
Self-published in October 2014

Edition size: 250, including an upcoming extra edition of 21
Contains twenty-one photographs and one poem
Type of paper: Lessebo Design Rough 150g/m² and 90g/m²
Printing: digital
Number of pages: 48
Cover: Muskat 160g/m², printed offset
Size: 20,5cm x 28cm / 8,1 x 11 inch
Hand-bound with a special saddle stitch and finished with a hand-drawn map

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