Layout © »PiB — Photography In Berlin« . Cover Photo Of The PiB Guide Nº15 Nov/Dec 2017 © Sabine Weiss, Amoureux, Place De La République, Paris, 1954. 3 Photos In The Open PiB Guide © Evelyn Hofer, Estate Evelyn Hofer.

PiB Guide: Gift Subscription

17,00 € + 19% MwSt./VAT

A gift subscription can only be shipped within Germany.
Further details please see description below.

Product Description

An annual subscription of the PiB Guide is the perfect gift for every photography enthusiast in Berlin! Your friend will receive 6 issues of the PiB Guide, delivered to his/her doorstep by mail every 2 months.

This gift subscription also comes with a nice packaging & a personalized gift note! You can enter a message for your friend in the comment field during checkout, which will then be printed out by PiB and sent along in the first letter.

As the shipping address for this gift subscription simply enter your friend’s postal address.

+1 extra issue!
In case you order this gift subscription as a Christmas present, your friend will receive the current PiB Guide Nº15 Nov/Dec 2017 for free! To arrive in time for x-mas, please place your order the latest on Monday, Dec 18th.

Please note: as an gift subscription, the PiB Guide can currently only be shipped within Germany!
Single copies with international shipping can be ordered here.

Image credits:
Layout © »PiB — Photography in Berlin« . Cover photo of the PiB Guide Nº15 Nov/Dec 2017 © Sabine Weiss, Amoureux, place de la République, Paris, 1954. 3 photos in the open PiB Guide © Evelyn Hofer, Estate Evelyn Hofer.


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