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© Sanja Hurem

Solo Exhibition

»Where We Move«

Sanja Hurem

Opening: Thursday, July 21, 2016, 18-20h (Facebook Event)
Exhibition: July 22 – August 13, 2016
Opening hours: Wed-Sat 12-18h
Admission free


The Exhibition titled “Where We Move” takes the ancient myth of the nymph as a starting point. Consisting of a photography series and one video piece, the work explores the interaction between the imagined mythical figure and the broader space of nature. Together with the protagonist, we enter a wonderland where the mystical and the absurd meet. This exhibition is an exploration of how the stories of the past still connect to fundamental archetypes in our subconscious. The movement towards the dream space becomes an encounter with our collectivity.

Sanja Hurem is a visual artist of Bosnian origin, working internationally with a base in Berlin. Influenced by her own experience of home and the new place, her work deals with the notion of the dream space: spheres where myth and reality merge. Her pieces allude to perceptual and sensorial awareness, creating a space where the viewer’s associations and memories may be triggered, whether they be personal or cultural in nature. Using the media of photography and moving image, she delves into an exploration of a wonderland where the factors of space, time and identity are re-negotiated. Institutions she has exhibited with include the Angel Orensanz Foundation (New York), the Zhou B. Art Center (Chicago) and the Tenerife Center for the Arts (Spain).

Event Details

© Sanja Hurem
Charlottenstraße 95, 10969 Berlin, Germany