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Solo Exhibition

»In the forest and on its edges«

Photographs in color and black and white

Martin Zellerhoff

In his exhibition entitled “In the forest and on its edges” Martin Zellerhoff presents his images of woodland and other landscapes. This show contains the result of the artist delving into the apparent discrepancy between a yearning for nature and the awareness that, if humanity continues to behave the way it presently does, only a romanticised notion thereof will remain.

Having a look around not only alters the way we see things; it also changes what we are gazing at itself. It becomes a surface on to which we project our ideas.
Martin Zellerhoff not only captures depictions of shrubs and trees that he encounters; he works with the colours, surfaces, compositions and is able to construct some semblance of meaning therein. His works are not mere depictions of nature,; they deal with how humans treat depictions of nature. This is then but one example of how a situation depends on how it is perceived.

Forests are a good example of the gap between perception and reality: people see them as unspoilt nature although they are largely man-made. Human beings shape forests, first taking care of and then clearing them. The forest is constantly in flux, producing new biomass material. Yet from our limited human perspective, woodlands are seen as where nature overcomes human encroachment. In and on the margins of a forest, this divergence is evident: Zellerhof’s images are not primarily studies of nature as much as a continuation of his examination into how human perception changes through the ways that people deal with imagery. From this perspective, these pictures are about pictures themselves.

Martin Zellerhoff’s work is both a critical examination of the medium of photography itself and on the impact that it has on perception. Through personal history and developments in the medium, the artist presents how changes that have occurred in how we deal with technical images have an effect on our perception of reality.

Framework program

Sunday, April 22, 12 noon
Concert by Katrin Dasch u. Peter Dasch

March 17 — May 2 extended until May 9, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, March 16, 7 pm
+ Framework program: please see above

Facebook Event

Südstern 6, 10961 Berlin
[Kreuzberg | Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg]

Opening hours: Wed – Sat 12 – 6 pm, and by appointment

Admission free

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