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Lehrterstr. 17, 10557 Berlin, Germany

Lehrterstr. 17, 10557 Berlin, Germany

LEHRTER SIEBZEHN is a temporary OPEN PROJECT SPACE comprising 450 m2. A belief in openness and forward movement are core values of LEHRTER SIEBZEHN. In line with the identity of the space, LEHRTER SIEBZEHN supports young artists and creators in realizing their concepts. We love to work with people who are curious, exhibit great flexibility in working in an environment that is constantly changing, moving and continuously in a state of evolution.

We seek collaborators who can cope and contribute to a place that celebrates modularity, interdisciplinarity and constant flux.
We advocate non-traditional perspectives on art, celebrate the blurring borders of genres and push experimentation through the use and creative misuse of technology. We are interested in points of intersection and attempt to initiate collaborations with other collectives to mix expertise and work collaboratively.

LEHRTER SIEBZEHN aka L17 has been open to a variety of formats, installations, presentations, performances and interventions. We will close our doors in February 2015 after 1,5 years of exciting program.