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Underdog Feat

Group Exhibition


Laure Catugier & Maycec

Opening: Friday, November 6, 2015, 19h
Exhibition: November 7 – December 11, 2015
Opening hours
Thu & Fri 15-19h, and by appointment
Facebook Event


Vesselroom Project presents Underdog, a collaboration between two Berlin-based photographers: Laure Catugier and Maycec. The exhibition will be paced by several sound art performances and accompanied by a fanzine.

An “underdog” is a person who is usually expected to lose. The present exhibition is a selection of forgotten and residual pictures that the artists never used for their previous projects: these pictures are losers. Indiscernible, unidentifiable, unstable, their meaning is cloudy. This is exactly the definition of noise: a rumble that exceeds logic. This hybrid show is the meeting of different noises, the underdog pictures, sound art performances, and the curious visitors for whom the creation of something never comes without destruction or dissemination.

Underdog is a rumor that comes up from the ground.

– Nathalie Hof, editor at OAI13

+ Sound art performances curated by Aleks Slota:

– – – – Friday 6th of November – – – –

Helmut Vutuc Lampshade
Joke Lanz
La Muerte Roja + Ching Liu

– – – – Thursday 10th of December – – – –

Derek Holzer
Vinyl Horror

– – – – Friday 11th of December – – – –

– Felix-Florian Tödtloff and Lars Ennsen Duo
Dr. Nexus
Kasia Justka z electr°cute

Event Details

Adalbertstraße 4, 10999 Berlin, Germany

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